"We’re nothing like NYC"

she said.

"Yes, I know, in a good way." I replied.

We need at least one stop involving donuts. Always.

On my way to the airport

this month is really the month of travel for me this year…


The MTVU floor has really cool wallpaper and I want someone else to give me a reason to visit them…

Side note HR has sunflower wallpaper in their break room! I want reasons to
hang out there! Why do I never leave my desk?!

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and today was a day just like any other


hyper realistic LEMONS by pedro campos



hyper realistic LEMONS by pedro campos


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Side note anon:

I did not measure my ingredients either.

Anonymous said: You should have just used regular food coloring. It always works out. I don't know why you made everything so complicated. 🐋

I like a challenge. 💀

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Is it just me or is red velvet stupidly high maintenance?!

I attempted to use natural dye… Didn’t work… So I caved and bought crap dye and now everything is pink (hands, counter, bowls). I spilt the dye bottle and spent four dollars on chemical coloring just so I could be sure my cookies would come out red… Annoyed. These cookies better come out perfect or so help me!

I went to smalls jazz club last night

for some reason it felt like childhood… Not the drinking whiskey to big band music exactly, but just the talent and the soul and wanting to dance around the room to it all.

I’d go back, I think. It was expensive, but I’d go back.

While leaving work

There was a topless woman in blue lace panties standing out near Times Square… She has nice tattoos.